Welcome to WestPark Alpacas, LLC

Welcome to WestPark Alpacas

In 2014, we sold off 10+ acres and our two-story red barn. That was when we stopped being an active breeding and sales alpaca farm. We just didn’t have the energy or resources to continue in that business.

We love the animals and realized that sharing them with visitors was more rewarding than trying to convince potential buyers that they should be buying alpacas from us.

WestPark Alapcas is not a working alpaca farm. We are a place to visit free of charge so that people may interact with the friendly and curious alpacas. We do not breed alpacas for sale. We breed only to offset herd attrition and because cria (baby alpacas) are such a joy to experience for visitors.
The alpaca products we sell are purchased wholesale, imported from Peru. We shear the fiber from the alpacas each spring so they can be cool during the summer and have more time to regrow their coats for the winter.

The alpaca fiber harvested each year is either discarded, stored, given to a co-op, or donated to educational institutions and students for textile study.

WestPark Alpaca, LLC

Get Enchanted with Gentle alpacas

There is nothing more therapeutic than walking among the beautiful stoic alpacas in the field. Tour our farm and experience the humble world of alpacas. We allow visitors to walk in the barn and pasture with the animals.

Our tours are fun for the whole family.

WestPark Alpaca, LLC

Open Farm Tours

With slender necks and magical eyes, alpacas bear the most versatile, softest anti-microbial and hypoallergenic fiber. All our alpacas are looked after with utmost care and affection. Farm visits are always an enjoyable experience for people. Throughout the year, we offer various entertainment programs, parties, and events at the farm. Meet and feed alpacas in hosted farm tours.

The alpacas look forward to your visit at WestPark.

WestPark Alpaca, LLC

Fiber Arts, Toys, and Treasures

At WestPark Alpacas, you get to spend your time with the friendliest alpacas. We also sell fiber arts, toys and treasures hand crafted locally and imported from Peru.

Call and schedule your farm visit.

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